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Our Partnering Farm


Colt Power had spent his life in athletics only to find that sports injuries were causing him issues in being able to workout and be present for his young family.

It would be after his wife Reagan's suggestion that he would try CBD products and found that they helped with his own pain and inflammation. 


Wanting to see a Texas brand have an option that was truly farm to shelf, Colt would set out to build his own and Power Biopharms was born. 

Power ​B​​ioph​arms was founded to bring local​,​ premium​,​ legal and license​d​ high​-​quality CBD ​to​ more ​T​exans​,​ hand​-​crafted small​-​batch pro​ducts from seed ​ ​to ​shelf with the ​ut​most care​,​ quality​,​ and transparency​.​

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